Review- Awoken

Awoken by Sarah Noffke

23505867Rating: 5/5 stars

I was given a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

“Roya, when you stop viewing your life as something done to you and rather a reality of your choosing then you will find peace.”

Roya Stark is the outcast of her family and is constantly reminded of her differences by her emotionally abusive older brother. Not only does her light hair stand out from her entirely brunette family, she has the power to dream travel across space and time. Her life is changed when she’s called to compete for a group called the Lucidites, specialized dream travelers from around the world. The Lucidites are teaming up against an evil force who has been putting innocent people into an hallucinogen state. If the Lucidites fail to take down this man, everyone will soon be in danger of dreaming without ever waking up.

This is one of the best young adult books I’ve read in a while. The beginning was a bit confusing because Sarah Noffke throws the reader into a new, fantastical world without really giving any backstory or explanation. This actually worked to her advantage because Roya is also extremely confused in the beginning of the book, so it adds to the dazed and bewildered effect.

Often, I find that YA fantasy books are all a bit similar plot-wise, but this book had a lot of unique traits. I was caught off guard so many times, especially after the novel started picking up in the second half. Also, Sarah Noffke did a great job making Roya a relatable character; she felt very real to me from the very beginning. I could actually imagine a girl Roya’s age saying, reading, and wearing the same things as her. This aspect made the novel surreal and probably why I loved it so much.

Overall, this was a really gripping book with a bit of humor (Roya is very sarcastic). I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good, thrilling YA read.

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